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I’m not really prone to addiction, games like CIV and the like don’t do much for me. But Factorio (aka Crack-torio) isn’t really natural in how easy it is to get positive feedback, and then it’s very difficult to put it into practice.

Like you say, “Just raise my flag,” and then you think “but if I do that, I’d have to redesign my transmission belts too,” and then you think it would also be useful if it produces faster tires, and then you go “then I need to scale these Industry”, and plunges deeper and deeper into the gaming gap.

It’s really close to the perfect gameplay loop, where everything you do has an effect on everything else you do, so you never do anything for the sake of bacon and beans. Everything is useful, if you upgrade one thing it will have an impact on the whole process, and then you should also upgrade the other to keep everything running smoothly.

It really is a perfect game, but I don’t dare to touch it anymore because I know I will lose whole days of my life. Then you throw in Co-op multiplayer, and then it gets worse because you’re infecting each other with “Just a bit-itis”.

Now that I’m writing this, I should probably upgrade the security to stop the creepy chewers.

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