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Facebook is testing new options for users to customize the content they see in their News Feed. This makes it possible to choose how many messages users see from certain contacts, or from Facebook groups and the pages they participate in.

The customization options also allow users to choose which topics they want to see more or less in their feed. Topics that users can filter on are not mentioned. Facebook says To test the new options with a “small portion” of users around the world. The platform said it will gradually expand in the coming weeks.

According to Facebook, companies will also have a greater impact on who their ads show the news for. This makes it possible to avoid certain topics. Users who have recently “interacted” with these topics will no longer display ads in their News Feed. Topics that can be left out are news and politics, “social issues discussed”, crime and tragedies. Facebook says it’s still working on early testing and expects to make the options available to every advertiser sometime in 2022.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has tried to make changes to the News Feed. It has already been launched Favorite. This feature allows users to select up to thirty contacts to rank higher in the news feed. It is also actually possible to filter the news feed so that only those contacts’ posts appear. There is also snooze function Exist, which makes it possible to unfollow a contact, group or page for thirty days. According to Facebook, these existing customization options will soon become “easier to access.”

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