March 22, 2023

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direct |  Attorney Joss B.  Evidence as 'poor': 'Extremely acquitted' |  the interior

direct | Attorney Joss B. Evidence as ‘poor’: ‘Extremely acquitted’ | the interior

The Limburg Court sentenced B. 12.5 years in prison. Both (B) and the Public Prosecution have appealed. Earlier this week, prosecutors demanded a 20-year prison sentence, without TBS.

Male lawyers b. In a previous appeal, among other things, obtaining the DNA of Gus B. “The evidence is scanty and irrelevant. The evidence is based on inexplicable trace,” attorney Rohoff said of Friday.

“We don’t know. Then they must be acquitted. When in doubt, innocence.”

‘gut feeling’

Attorney Judith Prase began Friday morning with a sexual assault suspicion. The Public Prosecution Office assumed that from the start. This is risky, says Brasset. A gut feeling can lead to a false conviction.

According to attorneys, much of the burden of proof is not actually proof. There is an answer everywhere. Did you leave b. His phone away during his “journey”? Logically, it was a phone in the cabin. and run away? He did not, because B showed his identification papers when asked. And erase information from the laptop? Not surprising either, says Brasset. Who doesn’t delete their private data from the employer’s computer?

The reporter, Saskia Bellmann, is in Den Bosch. Watch her live report here:

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