Ex-con Slo-Green: ‘I probably wouldn’t have lived without music’ | gossip

Ex-con Slo-Green: 'I probably wouldn't have lived without music' |  gossip

“I had no friends and was no longer in school. I stole from people their sneakers and jackets, something my mother didn’t know about. I’m supposed to go to school every day, but then take the subway to areas where I would steal,” he says. said Thomas Calloway, as his real name.

At the age of eighteen, the artist became famous for songs like Damn you And crazy (as lead singer for Gnarls Barkley), with his music career, which eventually brought him a lot of success. However, Callaway was reminded of his past about six years ago when a man approached him and said he had been robbed.

stupid things

“His Air Jordans were stolen from a certain station in Atlanta. He told me and I still remember him. I told him I was so sorry and that I was so young and stupid at the time. He said he’d forgive me, because my music made him see that period was an intrusion for me. It means a lot to me.” .”

Green sees music as his salvation. “Without music I don’t know what my life would be like now or if I would ever live. I did stupid things because I didn’t feel accepted and wanted to assert myself in a different way. Let it be clear that I am not the victim, because I am not a victim. Life is a training camp and you have to submit For basic training to get to the next level.”

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