EvdWL about the hype about Zelda and “games as a platform” and the expensive GTA VI

EvdWL about the hype about Zelda and "games as a platform" and the expensive GTA VI

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Looks like we’re finally going to have a really sunny weekend (knock, log). What time is the new Zelda game hitting stores today. This means sitting in the park with a towel over your head. But in the sunshine or heavy rain, we always make a new version of EvdWL for you. This is how we roll at Gamekings. Call of Duty Then we go. Everything that matters is covered in this week’s game news. Of course the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, as well as EA’s “Game as a Platform” model, the massive costs of GTA VI and the relationship between id Software and Bethesda. You will see and hear this and many other topics on this weekend live Friday, May 12, 2023.

Zelda hype and join our Xbox / Starfield Watch Party

We’re bringing back the tradition of turning a big E3 “press conference” into a great community event. on Sunday 11th June We organize explosion galaxy A viewing party in which we watch the Xbox / Starfield press conference with you, while enjoying beer and chicken, and are in direct contact with the studio in Diemen South. Everyone is welcome however Premium members get for free. All you have to do is register in advance via [email protected]. Watch party It starts at 6:00 pm See you bam!

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This week, MSI The new Stealth 15 is in the spotlight. A gaming laptop that comes with an I7 processor out of 13H Generation, RTX 4050 GPU and 144Hz screen is more than good equipped to perform its duties. This will soon include playing Diablo 4. Stealth 15 will be available next week at a €200 discount on Bol.com. interested? find work here.

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