Alleged misconduct on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show | Displays

Alleged misconduct on Kelly Clarkson's talk show |  Displays

The atmosphere behind the scenes The Kelly Clarkson Show It wouldn’t be nice. Several former employees tell anonymously in a music magazine Rolling Stone About the infringing behavior of the American singer’s talk show.

The music magazine spoke with ten former employees and a talk show employee. According to them, people are intimidated and favored by producers. The employees are said to be underpaid and overworked.

Sources mainly point the finger at executive producer Alex Duda, who didn’t get involved. “I think Alex Duda is a monster,” said a former employee. She is also accused of often yelling at people herself. Former employees believe Clarkson is unaware of the situation. Rolling Stone said NBC and Clarkson were not available for comment.

This isn’t the first time employees have spoken out about alleged aggressive behavior on US talk shows. Previously, this also happened with the Ellen DeGeneres and Dr. elephant.

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