Eva Genk fears losing her job: ‘It could be over in a minute’

Eva Genk fears losing her job: 'It could be over in a minute'

The moment Eva was kicked out of her news hour He was always with her. So the presenter had to struggle for some time to regain her spot. Fortunately, the NOS editor-in-chief got my job back as a news reader, but that meant I had to read the news a few times a week in a studio. news hour, next to the person who news hour She continued, “I felt like someone else was sitting in my place every night.”

Eva had to “make every effort” to do this, she says. “I had to put all my pride and vanity away. I really had to cross the threshold.” However, she is glad that she finally took this step. “Of course I got fired, so I should have been happy to get a job again.”

The presenter has now returned with three times more force from this setback. But the announcer is still afraid of losing her job. When I asked Ozkan if she thought she could still be fired any day, Eva replied, “Yes, actually. It could be over in a minute.”

Eva was previously a guest on the show stars on canvas And she was very outspoken about her work, but her son Pax was also discussed. You can see it in the video below.

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