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I don’t mind the lack of a single player campaign. This will be at the expense of the multiplayer. Multiplayer just doesn’t feel ready yet. 19 guns and 3 pistols is not enough in my opinion. Battlefield V got a lot of comments that there are a lot of weapons missing, but this game has 30 weapons and more than 5 guns.

Vehicles are not interesting, Battlefield V had asymmetrical vehicles. In 2042, you have two different main tanks, but they are exactly the same. I understand it’s hard to balance, but it made the car’s gameplay interesting. It usually happens that some vehicles are very powerful now when you start the game. I really hate that M5C Bolte.

The maps are great, but feel empty. The world was going to end, and the US and Russian governments still existed. But in the meantime, we’re fighting in cities that still seem perfect. Just some sand in the ballpark, where the crumbling towns from a trailer story are. I don’t feel like I’m playing a war with a single map. You can say whatever you want about Battlefield 1, but those levels felt like the combat had been going on for years. The only atmospheric map in my opinion was overlooked. No buildings have fallen or come under fire, this is a missed opportunity.
The maps are also very open, if you have to walk from flag A to flag B, because there is no longer a vehicle. Then it is possible that you were killed by a car. Missing good urban map, all Rotterdam or Amiens.

The specialist is not my taste, and I hope the dice returns it. This will not happen. You recently had a takedown with the same specialist, then watch your character kill your copy. In other Battlefields, there were also all clones from each round of the same team, but never in opposition. It was clear who the Germans or the English were (except for the legendary leather). Ask them to do it again first. That there are two different types of each specialist. But that means you have to make two skins for the price of one. I love dice that they try new things, rather than releasing the same thing every year. Just switching to 128 players is a challenge in itself, not to mention messing with the always-on class system.

I enjoy the game a lot, but the launch of this game is terrible. This was also the case with Battlefield 4, only that game suffered from bugs and bad network code. The focus the game had at launch was more than enough. But this type of insect. https://youtu.be/7D_PDJKatd8 Really impossible to do. Especially when you are told that many studios are working on this and not making a single player. I don’t want to blame the developer, I suppose the EA’s chiefs necessarily wanted to launch a new battlefield this year. And of course there should be a game mode similar to the battle royale in the game. What is the danger zone mockery. The idea behind it is very good and also fits with the story of the game. The only truth is the deepening of this game, which arrives at Esacpe from Tarkoff. Oh wait, of course the game had to be released in 2021. Why not become a separate region like Warzone. This was truly the best choice they’ve ever made at Activision.

I’m disappointed that this Battlefield was not released without any issues, I’ve been a fan of this game since Battlefield 1942. Although I had to play this with a friend, because we still had the option to dial :Dr.
With all the bugs and standard features now missing, Dice can’t focus on unlocking more weapons and maps. Of course there will be skins for weapons, but money must be earned. I’m still having a great time with the game, but I’m wondering how long it will last. I hope Dice can pull another Battlefield 4 wonder out of the hat. Otherwise I fear the fate of my most played series, perhaps Portal will be the savior….

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