Eva almost had a Limburg accent in Felken Maastricht

Eva almost had a Limburg accent in Felken Maastricht

In the second episode of the program Policemen podcast An answer to this urgent question is required. It also discusses how to find the perfect filming location, whether the cast and crew are always welcome in the province and whether it is not ready in Maastricht after sixteen seasons.

Of course there is now too Rotterdam PoliceBut Maastricht gave the go-ahead all those years ago. Rolf Cote, the series’ producer, explains in the podcast that they chose the city because they wanted to be “as far away” from Randstad as possible. “I think Maastricht is the least Dutch city in terms of atmosphere and environment. The location is realistic – if you look at the map, it’s not in Holland, but in Belgium or Germany. You can feel it, you can taste it There is really different from The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It’s a different environment. completely “.

Although the series is set in the South, Eva Wolff speaks precisely about ABN. Although it was different at first, actress Angela Shegf reveals. “Eva is of course a girl pulled out of Limburg mud (…) so we thought Eva would really speak the Limburgish language,” she says. “I already had a bit of a bottom, because I just shot a movie, From God you loseso I already had those voices and tones inside of me a little bit.”

Three days later, she was approached by producer Reinout Oerlemans, who did not quite like her. “It is strange that you are the only one who has a Limburg accent and the rest do not have them at all,” he told her. “Of course he had a point there, so it was Limburgish,” Angela said. In the studio she had to record all her scenes again.

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