Europe and the United States have entered into an AI agreement for the first time

Europe and the United States have entered into an AI agreement for the first time

The pending agreement aims to accelerate and improve the use of artificial intelligence in fields such as agriculture, healthcare, emergency assistance, climate forecasting and power management.

The European Commission and the US are in the final stages of a mutual AI agreement. This is the first such agreement. Earlier, both governments worked on AI agreements for specific themes privacy. By creating a global, comprehensive agreement, the EU and the US want to accelerate progress and improve government services and operations.

Create strong models

Reuters news agency He spoke to a US government official about an imminent deal. “The magic of contracting is creating collaborative models Dates Stay where they are,” said the officer. “The US data doesn’t leave the US, and the European countries don’t either. The model being built speaks to all the data, it gives the most varied data and therefore the best model.

Through this initiative, governments will have greater access to detailed and data-rich AI models. This will lead to more efficient emergency response and power management, but For other benefits. For example, the United States, like European countries, collects data on how electricity is generated, where it is used and how to adjust power supplies to avoid blackouts, the official said.

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Expand globally

The partnership is an agreement between the US government and the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union. The union consists of 27 member states. According to the senior official, there is an intention to open up the agreement to other countries. Those countries will be invited to become part of the agreement in the coming months.

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