January 27, 2023

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EU wants proof from service providers that tech companies must pay for network – IT Pro – News

According to Bloomberg, the European Commission wants to see evidence from telecom providers that technology companies such as streaming service providers must pay for network costs. To this end, the Commission wants to send out surveys to service providers and technology companies.

Enter the survey for telecom service providers According to Bloomberg Questions that will measure how much data usage has increased in the past three years, where that usage is coming from and how much that extra usage will cost. Tech companies, which include streaming service providers, are asked how much their costs have increased. The European Commission also wants to know its relationship with telecom service providers and whether there are signs of “market failure” when it comes to how data is delivered to customers.

Surveys date from April. A source says the questionnaires have not yet been sent. Questionnaires should be ready in the coming weeks. By the end of this year, the European Commission would like to have a proposal ready showing how tech companies can contribute to network costs.

less Find more European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager That tech companies like Meta, Alphabet and Netflix have to pay for telecom networks. Big tech companies generate a lot of internet traffic, which providers have to pay for, is the idea. These providers can then invest this money in and improve their networks.

France, Italy and Spain According to Reuters For the plan that tech companies have to pay for. According to Bloomberg, the Netherlands and Germany again believe that the Commission should wait for an analysis from the European telecoms watchdog and enter into discussions with member states and Europeans before making a decision.

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