Breaking up with Donnie Roelvink “Best Decision Ever” According to Janis Block

Breaking up with Donnie Roelvink "Best Decision Ever" According to Janis Block

After Janice and Donnie ended their relationship in October of 2020, a rumor soon surfaced that Janice He will be dating FC Barcelona Memphis star. However, this gossip turns out to be not true and in Video 538 Janice once again confirms that she suffered from heartbreak after the breakup.

“We turned it off because we thought it was the right choice, not because we wanted to,” she says. “It’s hard. But looking back is the best decision ever. But in that moment you don’t feel it, you don’t know it and you’re afraid.”

Janice continues in the video, “I’ve been saying for a long time: ‘I don’t need anyone anymore, I’m done with all these guys. But I think everyone could use some love.'” “So now I’m there, about a year later, but we’re open again.”

She is not dating (yet). “Sometimes I talk to someone, but maybe it’s just me… I’m a little finicky about it. I never like anyone.”

The one she loves, but is too young for her, is Rijk Hoffmann. Janice reveals, “I really like his humor and I watch all his videos.” However, Hoffman’s brother doesn’t have to slip into her DM. “But I really like him.”

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