Erica Melland on the riots: ‘I stand up for women’s rights’ | stars

Erica Melland on the riots: 'I stand up for women's rights' |  stars

In particular, not many people accepted the clip around the burqa. “No girl wants to ride a bike in the summer wearing a hijab. You just want to feel the wind in your hair. That’s freedom. I’m also in favor of banning the burqa. Get rid of the burqa. I once saw three of those penguins walking down the Hoofdstraat in Noordwijk. This It’s not normal, is it? Just don’t do it here.”

And while there is no word in Spanish, Erica now says on Instagram that “three words” from her book “have been blown up and highlighted by various media”. Mother Meiland stresses that freedom of expression is a great advantage. “The many curses and the many expressions of support I received show that the Netherlands is very divided when it comes to criticism of Islam. My approach has always been and always will be to defend women’s rights!”

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Maxim’s daughter said after all the uproar that she supported her mother, but says she “never intended to exclude the groups or belittle them.” In addition to card producer Hallmark, mattress brand Emma, ​​Nivea skincare, Milka, and Hello Fresh, Maxi-Cosi has also canceled collaborations with the TV family.

A spokesperson for parent company Dorel Juvenile, which makes products for children, said the decision had nothing to do with all the hype surrounding Islamophobic statements.

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