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I have a weak place for both companies, I wish them the best. As long as there is no Facebook, Google, or another “scary” company behind it.

Every “scary” company started out as a handy tool, or simply the best on the market at the time. The time and perverse incentive to earn more and more money has passed that they have become what they are today.

This will also be the case with Lego and Epic, if they continue like this. Anyway, targeting children with your platform for privacy violations *is problematic in itself, but where and when will it end? They are also aware of micro-transactions… I see the slogans “Buy this cool new Lego skin for your metaverse character now for only 4.99!” passes by…
Or worse, for buzz bingo: any skin like NFT…

*) To actually create the virtual reality metaverse you will need quite a few sensors; Which alone can’t do much harm, but together they reveal a lot of information (“But metadata can’t do any harm!”) about the user(s) and living situation. How big is the space? What is the duration of use? How fast is the connection? If there were cameras what kind of things would you detect? Based on the geographic information, you also know what kind of neighborhood someone lives in… (and yes, they already know a lot about it based on that task (2)… .)

Now this information does not end with Facebook / Meta or Google, but with Epic and Lego; Who can then use that to build models for kids and their parents… and thus become Facebook/Meta.

It should be obvious that the Metaverse isn’t here †

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