Enterprise Chamber, Sanderink is also buying Strukton and Oranjewoud

Enterprise Chamber, Sanderink is also buying Strukton and Oranjewoud
Centric CEO Gerard Sanderink and partner Rian van Rijbroek

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Controversial businessman Gerard Sandrink may not be returning to his construction company Strukton and engineering firm Oranjewoud. His shares will also be placed with a separate director, designated by the Corporation Chamber.

The judge finds “good reasons” to doubt the “correct policy and the correct course of events” in Stroughton and Oringwood. For example, banks will no longer want to do business with Strukton if Sanderink returns.

Also due to the crisis in both companies, the Chamber of Commerce decided that Sandrink might be kept away for a longer period of time.

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This completes the highly successful Sanderink downfall. In November, a judge dismissed him from his position as CEO of his information and communications technology company, Centric. Until then, his shares were placed under the supervision of a separate manager.

Centric has large public institutions and government services as clients. Among other things, Centric is currently managing the data center and automation of De Nederlandsche Bank.


At the end of April, the supervisory boards of Strukton and Oranjewoud announced that they wanted Sanderink gone permanently. He had already been suspended a month ago. They said in a press release that Sandrink’s transgressions would “damage the companies’ reputation”.

Sandrink has been discredited several times in recent years due to legal action against his ex Brigitte van Eggten. He is now married to Rian van Rijbroek, who is known to be a fake IT expert who would have a huge influence on Sanderink.

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