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Eneco, Vattenfall en Essent vragen toch om je meterstand op 1 januari

If you don’t have a working smart meter, your energy supplier will likely soon ask you to provide a meter reading. Eneco, Vattenfall and Essent will ask customers for their meter readings on January 1, 2023. Until recently, energy suppliers did not know whether they would succeed. You mentioned it RTL.

Suppliers want to know your energy consumption through January 1 so they can calculate what part of your consumption falls under the energy price cap. The cap takes effect on January 1 and guarantees relatively low prices for gas consumption and energy that remains below the consumption cap.

Roughly speaking, the ceiling works like this: for the first 1,200 cubic meters of gas you use, you pay 1.45 euros per cubic meter; For the first 2,900 kWh of electricity you pay 40 cents per kWh. But in practice it is Running the roof is more difficult as you read here.

Did you receive a letter from your supplier?

You can expect a message from Eneco, Vattenfall, and Essent if you have a dumb counter or a “traditional counter”; If you have a smart meter but your supplier is not reading it; Or if you have a malfunctioning smart meter.

Essent and Eneco exchange estimation for measurement

Essent and Eneco first said they would estimate energy consumption for customers, rather than requiring a meter reading. Even now they ask about the state of stupid counters. Vattenfall already announced on December 10th that it will do so. “Customers do not have to call, but they can easily send in the meter readings themselves via the instructions in the email or letter they receive,” Fattenfall told RTL.

What if you do not pass the meter reading?

If you don’t report your meter reading on January 1 or you don’t report it on time, your energy company will still estimate your consumption.

Evidence of your meter reading?

You do not have to send a photo or video of your energy meter as proof. Sector organization Energie-Nederland knows that people can easily commit fraud with their stupid meter reading, and say: ‘For example, meter readings are often given to the wrong meter, numbers are forgotten, high and low rates are interchanged or fictitious. Numbers are passed.

Source: RTL News

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