Emma Wortelbur slams Chantal Janzen: ‘She’s not No. 1’

Emma Wortelbur slams Chantal Janzen: 'She's not No. 1'

During the interview, Emma begins to talk about the alleged feud between Chantal and Linda de Mol, which has not yet been resolved. Emma stands up for Linda, whom she considers a great example. “in with you from Volkskrant I said two years ago that I would like to be Linda de Mol. “She is not only a presenter, she is also a brand,” Emma said. “I also want to be a brand. Of course I meant it all in a bit in a sarcastic way. But Linda remains number one. She has an empire.”

Then Emma can’t help but attack Linda’s rival. Chantal is acting like she’s number one, but she’s not. Emma hopes to follow in Linda’s footsteps one day. “I also just want to be number one. Especially since the game shows Linda de Mol doing it, and that really attracts me. I think that’s a magical thing. I hope to be able to do it one day. Then I’d like to be: Astrid meets Justin with Linda de Mol Willem Royce”.

A rift between Linda and Chantal would have arisen when Chantal left the show Oh, what a year! He went to the present. Linda initially presented the program, but was not allowed to take the program with her when she switched from RTL to Talpa. Linda said of the following at the time: “Yes, I think a lot of that, but I don’t want to say anything about it. It hurts and all I can say is that if the situation were reversed, it wouldn’t.”

Emma Chantal might criticize, but Leko van Zadelhof recently criticized her outfit at the Televizier-Ring party:

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