El Negro Falls, one of the perpetrators of the massacre in El Picasso

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

24 hours after a massacre in the El Picasso area of ​​the capital, elements Various state security agencies They captured one of the alleged material offenders.

Syndicate Axel Astril Madina Maradiga (18 years old), Alternate El Negro, and a resident of the same area where several crimes took place.

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According to the investigation, Medina Maradiga was one of the perpetrators and was dragged into an abandoned abyss after killing the bodies of four people, along with other members of the criminal organization El Combo Cue No Se Teja. The father of the family of the victims was Alejandro Pena Cossares (65); Alejandro’s wife, Sandra Maritza Nice (49); And sons of Alejandro Enrique Pena Nice (20) and Gustavo Adolfo Pena Nice (17).


According to the components National Antimarus Force (FNAMP), Arrested participants, Axel Astril is a member of a gang that terrorized the neighborhoods of El Picasso and Japan, as well as the neighborhoods of El Bosque and San Jose de la Montana.

When arrested at his home, they found 148 packs of marijuana, which reflects, According to FNAMP, The arrested person is also involved in drug trafficking. In addition, agents from the Directorate of Police Intelligence (DPI) and the military police are working to find out the whereabouts of other individuals involved in the Peena Nice family massacre.

Authorities do not know the motives for the killings, but they acknowledge that part of the capital is being controlled by mobs.

In addition, there is a permanent struggle Among the Salvatrucha gang (MS-13) And the rest of the combo.

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