A Massachusetts police officer who tried to save a teenager who drowned has died

A Massachusetts Police Officer Died One after he jumped into a pool on Friday afternoon Drowning Dean, according to the report.

Emmanuel Familia, 38, was one of five officers who jumped into a pool at Green Hill Park in Worcester to rescue three teenagers who drowned.

Officer Emmanuel Familia
(Worcester Police Department)

At 1:35 p.m., police received several calls from drowning in the pool, and officers who responded found the teen having difficulty floating. Authorities were able to rescue two of the teenagers, but the third teen – as well as Familia – did not reappear.

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“He went inside and followed the child regardless of his own life,” said Megan Lamonta, a witness. Told the WHDH location.

Divers searched the scene for two hours and found Familia and a 14-year-old boy. Both were taken to hospital, where they were eventually pronounced dead. WPRI reported.

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“Worcester Police have lost a brother, a friend and a partner. The city of Worcester has lost a hero,” said Worcester Police Chief Steven Sergeant. “We remember and respect his selfless devotion to Worcester and his final sacrifice to save someone he did not know.”

Familia has five years of experience in this field; He has a wife, a son and a daughter, According to ODMP.

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Another diver was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

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