March 29, 2023

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Eddie Zoe is still happy with his under-22 girlfriend: 'Too mature for her age'

Eddie Zoe is still happy with his under-22 girlfriend: ‘Too mature for her age’

Eddie and Sarah have been together for six years and have “nothing to complain about” when it comes to lust. He jokes: “I sometimes say she’s the man in our relationship, because in a lot of areas she just can’t keep up.”

According to the announcer, his new love is a “lottery ticket”. “While she is very mature for her age, I am still very young in my thinking. And that matches up wonderfully. We have the greatest pleasure for nothing, every day. Such a great gift.”

Before Sarah, Eddie married Marek, with whom he had two children. She is also much younger, about ten years old. “It went well between us for a long time, there was enough love, we have two cute kids. But at a certain point we lost each other somewhere, which Marieki realized earlier than I did. It was hard and tough at first, but Now let’s go, we’re really good together,” he says of the split.

In principle, their children live with his ex-wife during the week and with him on the weekends, but sometimes they tell themselves that they prefer to sleep with the other person. “Yesterday, my 13-year-old daughter got a new bank card, but she couldn’t get it to work. Then she called me if I wanted to visit my ex-wife’s house to help her out. These are the sweet little guys that are heartwarming for a moment.”

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