Ed Sheeran breaks the record in the Rolling Stones and from “joke” to a song in the top 40 | Top 40 news

Ed Sheeran breaks the record in the Rolling Stones and from "joke" to a song in the top 40 |  Top 40 news

This is an overview of the most important transformations in the Top 40 list on June 18. In the list we see 3 participants, 8 residents, 13 passengers and 16 failures.

36 (-) I Stove-OBZ

This week we welcome Kees, Dylan and Jelte, three friends from Oudebildtzijl, to our Top 40 hit list. The three wrote the song I’m Cashel In 2020 as a joke and then I never imagined they would become as famous as OBZ. They now have songs like Tactical Barfi And also kitten sheep delivered, but I’m Cashel Now give them their first 40 songs. Qmusic already crowned the song wrong anthem and after Is learningbanana And the raise your glass OBZ puts a for the fourth time sing wrong in the top 40. I’m Cashel It is, at number 36, the new top.


History repeats itself for Ronda. In September last year, It’s hard to say goodbye She entered the top 40 reaching number 5 in her eleventh week. After 30 weeks this track fell off the list but at that moment it came out behind, I love my self, within the list. Rondé’s latest release now also comes in at number 5 and does so even a week ago – in its 10th week. It is thus the second top 5 hit for Utrecht, which has now also been in the top 40 for 40 uninterrupted weeks.

2 (2) Bam Bam – Camila Cabello feat. Ed Sheeran

Ferrari By James Hype and Meggie Della Rosa Stop because the track is in third place for the third week. It’s not the week before The rolling stones† because of Mick Jagger tested positive for Corona, the concert in Amsterdam has been cancelled† But this is not the only setback, because the British group also has to pass the title of “Most Successful British Business” after 40 years. after, after the Beatles And the rolling stones That title will come on Ed Sheeran’s shoulders this week.

Top 40 hits get points each week – one for number 40 and so on to 40 for number 1. Ed Sheeran hit 11,927 points this week, and is now over 24 rolling stones† Is in the Top 40 with bam bamin collaboration with Camila Cabello, for its sixth week at number 2.

1 (1) As It Was – Harry Styles

The top three are unchanged and that means Harry Styles has also had the biggest hit in our country this week. as it was He is No. 40 No. 1 topping the Top 40 for 9 weeks.

There won’t be a Top 40 update on this afternoon’s show, as the Foote 1500 scores are in progress. You’ll hear the new Top 40 song on Qmusic on Saturday, June 25th from 3pm.

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