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The worm that appeared in many platform games in the 1990s will soon return in a new TV series. Earthworm Jim is trapped in space on his second animated TV show, and must arrive on Earth with a group of other anthropomorphic animals.

The series, titled Beyond the Groovy, is the first production from the newly created television and film division of game studio Interplay, which has acquired the rights to the franchise. On the series website Shows a trailer in which earthworm Jim is interviewed. In it, the worm tells that he is searching in the TV series for the best land of all the galaxies. And if it turns out that the tastiest planet can be found on Earth, then he wants to reach that planet. It is not yet known when the series will be available and via which network or streaming service.

from creative director From the series K-Michel Parandi remains relatively unknown. He works with film production company Passion Pictures, which made Zima Blue and ICE episodes of the Netflix Love series, Death & Robots, among others. against the polygon Interplay says the character’s original creator, Doug Tin Nabeel, has nothing to do with the new TV series. It came a few years ago to be under fire for alleged “anti-transgender comments”.

This is not the first TV series about Earthworm Jim. An animated series about the worm was produced already in the 90s. Then the series was called in Holland Super worm Jim It was broadcast on Kindernet and ran for two seasons.

Earlier, a new game starring Earthworm Jim was also announced, Earthworm Jim 4. The hand-drawn platformer will be released exclusively for Intellivision Amico when this console is released.

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