EA Shares First GRID Legends Trailer On February 25th – Games – News

Publisher EA has announced that Codemasters, the racing game GRID Legends, will release on February 25 for PC and consoles. Upon release, the game will contain more than a hundred cars and game modes such as Drift and Elimination will return.

It’s called Code Masters that the game has the most “playability” of all GRID titles, and thus refers to additional game modes such as Drift and Elimination. These modes were included in previous GRID titles, but were not included in the 2019 version. In Drift, players have to collect as many points as possible by drifting; In Elimination mode, one player is eliminated per round until only one player remains.

The game also has a career called Driven to Glory with “more than 250 events”. There are also new modes, such as Race Creator. This allows players to organize races with different car classes and additional ramps and boosters on the track. These boost gates play a big role in Electric Boost, where participants race in electric cars and can drive through certain gates. Such a gate can fall outside the ideal race line, forcing the driver to choose between a faster corner or that power one. Players can use this power whenever they want and gain extra speed.

GRID Legends will have both real and fictional tracks and a multiplayer mode. This multiplayer mode works across platforms and notifies users when friends are playing online. Players can then quickly join that race, according to Codemasters, without having to wait for an invite. GRID Legends will be released on February 25 for PC via Origin, Steam, PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S and X.

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