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Electronic Arts announces the 1.0.0 update for Battlefield 2042. The update aims to fix hundreds of bugs. The publisher is also announcing a Season One: Zero Hour content update for the game, which will include new weapons, a character, and a playable level.

The update should fix several issues with the shooter. According to the developer DICE, the animation in the game has been improved, as well as the code for the shooter network. For this reason, the shots of the players who hit the blow are better recorded. On the Battlefield forum, a member of the DICE team has a file Full changelog Posted. Update 1.0.0 will be available to all players on June 7.

In addition to the update, EA is also announcing a content update in the form of Season One: Zero Hour. This update will be released on June 9. The update includes a new playable mountain level called Exposure. In this, players have to move vertically a lot.

The update also adds new weapons, including a new crossbow and sniper rifle. In addition, the game will get two new helicopters that players can control. Finally, there is a new playable character: Ewelina Lis. It specializes in disabling vehicles.

New content in Season 1: Zero Hour is available partially for free to all game players. Additional rewards can be obtained through a paid Battlepass.

EA was already announce Which is still being worked on in Battlefield 2042. The game received many negative user reviews upon its release. The game has become a hack mode out of the game† This game mode allowed 128 players to compete against each other in an online multiplayer game, but this mode was very chaotic according to DICE.

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