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Electronic Arts announces a beta for Battlefield Mobile. Initially, players in Indonesia and the Philippines will be able to test the game this fall. The full version of the shooter should be playable on smartphones for free sometime in 2022.

A report said that the Battlefield Mobile beta testing phase is starting in Indonesia and the Philippines and will be available in other countries at a later date. communitymanager van Electronic Arts I know. The countries of concern have not yet been announced. Players can register via Google Play Store-pagina Sign up when the trial version is available in their home country.

The game should sound widely familiar to fans of the franchise. Among other things, EA promises “large-scale destruction of the environment” and describes the collapse of buildings, the allocation of personal equipment and the use of vehicles and tanks. Battlefield Mobile also includes the franchise signature categories, namely Assault, Support, Medic, and Recon. In addition, EA talks about “new and known maps and modes,” with screenshots available including a copy of the Battlefield 3 Grand Bazaar map and F2000. Gun To detect.

Battlefield Mobile is in development at EA’s Industrial Toys studio, led by Alex Seropian. The American is one of the founders of Bungie, known for the Halo series and the Destiny franchise. Industrial Toys currently has two games in its portfolio, Midnight Star and Midnight Star: Renegade from 2015 and 2016 respectively, and it’s not known since when the studio has been working on Battlefield Mobile. became the game Announced in April, a few months before the unveiling of Battlefield 2042.

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