Duncan Lawrence raises chills at rehearsals: ‘My grandpa and dad sang me to sleep’ | Eurovision SongFestival

Duncan Lawrence raises chills at rehearsals: 'My grandpa and dad sang me to sleep' |  Eurovision SongFestival

with videoIt is undoubtedly a terrifying moment in Saturday night’s finale: Duncan Lawrence dies you’ll never walk alone He hears. It is the finale of an ode to Songs for Liverpool, which also features Israel’s Neta, Italy’s Mahmoud and Sweden’s Cornelia Jacobs.

However, the finale is for Duncan Lawrence, who sensitively interprets the song Gerry & the Pacemakers. The idea of ​​choice you’ll never walk alone It came from the 29-year-old singer. He said this in April in a conversation with This Site, at a time when it was not yet allowed to be made public. “When I was asked to take part in a variety of Liverpool songs, I asked if you’ll never walk alone can do. They immediately thought this was a good idea. I think it’s a really great song and it also represents Rotterdam.”

Duncan Lawrence. © ANP


However, there is another reason why corridorThe singer chose the song, which is sung collectively at Liverpool FC’s football ground before every game and is also popular in the Netherlands at FC Twente and Feyenoord. My grandfather and father used to sing it to me. They literally almost made me sleep with her. Why that song? Well, Feyenoords, right? That’s why I always sang it as a kid. In the Eurovision final, we dedicate it to Ukraine: you’ll never walk alone. “

In the final, more former participants sing well-known Liverpool songs. Bring the Italian singer Mahmoud (multiple participants) imagine By John Lennon, former Israeli winner Nita (2018) does You spin me round From the movie Dead or Alive singing Dadi Freyr from Iceland (Ahoy 2021) once again From Atomic Kitten. Sweden’s Cornelia Jacobs (Turin 2022) literally gets a wet suit I turn to you By Mel C and British singer Sonia, from Liverpool, once again sings her own Eurovision song which came second in 1993: The best devil you know.

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