Cryptocurrency analysts expect a significant price increase

Cryptocurrency analysts expect a significant price increase

In this article, we share a recent analysis of Cosmos (ATOM) that was previously shared in our Premium environment. Experienced analysts share more than 20 technical analyzes here each week, which are now used daily by over 1,000 members.

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ATOM technical analysis price

Crypto Insiders have been optimistic about the universe quite often this year and each time the price could go up by 10% to 20%. Now an increase may follow, they recently explained to the Premium member as follows:

“Currently, ATOM seems to be settling just above the indicated green zone, which is between $9.32 and $10.01. The fact that ATOM is not entering the green zone can be explained by the presence of the S1 support level of the monthly pivot point, which is absorbing the price here.

However, we still expect a small downward movement before reaching the area. This is because we are still looking for completion of the ABC Elliott wave pattern, which usually occurs in the area between 100% and 123.6% Fibonacci.

From the green, we expect a huge increase, which could eventually take the price beyond $20 and maybe even to levels not seen since the bull run of 2021. Of course we have to remain realistic and the market is still very uncertain. In the Premium environment, we are closely monitoring the price and will be sharing a new analysis of ATOM in a few days.”

This analysis was shared with members on May 10th, and therefore may be out of date. The above analysis updates are usually shared 48 hours in advance in our premium group.

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