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DuckDuckGo has introduced the beta version of DuckDuckGo for Mac. The browser is based on Safari and is similar to the DuckDuckGo mobile app. In order to test the Mac browser, users must join the queue.

Mac version of the DuckDuckGo app used Safari rendering engine through the API† DuckDuckGo confirms that DuckDuckGo for Mac is not a fork of Safari, but rather everything developed outside of the rendering engine by the developers at the Privacy Foundation.

The desktop browser works with the DuckDuckGo search engine, has a tracking blocker and a new pop-up cookie protection feature. Popup Protector can block cookie popups on about 50 percent of all websites. The organization says it wants to increase this percentage. The company also talks about email protection and a fire button. This button deletes all data.

The company claims that by using the WKWebView API and blocking the loading of bots, the browser is faster than competitors. For example, the browser is said to be faster than Chrome “in some graphics performance,” according to the Motion Mark 1.2 benchmark. DuckDuckGo will also use 60 percent less data than Google’s browser.

The privacy organization also says that the browser often uses the HTTPS version of a website and that data such as history, bookmarks, and passwords is only stored on the device by default and cannot be viewed by DuckDuckGo. It’s still beta testing and the browser is still under development. For example, there is no possibility to install add-ons, there is no comprehensive ad blocker and passwords are not yet synchronized between the mobile apps and the desktop version. However, users can import passwords from other browsers and extensions such as 1Password and LastPass.

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Users who want to install DuckDuckGo for Mac must indicate that they want to join the private queue via the mobile app in the settings menu. They will then receive an in-app notification when they are invited. This does not require users to share any personal information; The place is saved in the queue on the device. It is not clear how many people are in the queue and how many people receive an invite per day.

end of last year Announced DuckDuckGo To start working on desktop versions of the mobile Privacy Browser app. Since then, the company has also been testing the desktop version internally. Besides the Mac version, DuckDuckGo works on the Windows version. The company wants to share more about that later. There should also be a Linux browser “ultimately”, but for now the focus is on Mac and Windows. Once the browser is out of beta, DuckDuckGo makes the code open source.

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