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DuckDuckGo search engine adds a feature that allows users to get instant answers to questions through artificial intelligence. DuckAssist uses the OpenAI API and pulls information from Wikipedia.

The feature was first tested as a beta version and will be available to all users in the coming weeks. Company writes. The assistant is called DuckAssist. For some questions it creates an instant answer field where the visitor’s question is answered instantly. Then DuckDuckGo first gives the option to answer the question immediately, after which the actual answer follows.

DuckAssist is based on an API from OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, and from Anthropic. This is a startup that Alphabet recently invested $300 million in. DuckDuckGo does not mention which OpenAI API DuckAssist it uses. This may also be an older GPT-3 model instead of ChatGPT.

The answers to the questions mainly come from Wikipedia. The AI ​​interprets the user’s question and the most appropriate Wikipedia page that might answer it. In addition, DuckAssist searches alternative websites such as encyclopedias, but DuckDuckGo does not explain how this distribution is.

Manufacturers also warn that AI mainly answers specific rather than subjective questions like what is best at something. “This means you won’t see DuckAssist on most queries,” say the developers.

DuckAssist is currently only available in English and can only be used on mobile and desktop apps and through a browser extension during the trial period. Later the feature will also be available for web users.

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