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Valve has released update 7.33 under the name New Frontiers for Dota 2. The update makes the playing field bigger and gives players more work in the rolling corners of the map. Some core game elements have also been modified.

Image via Valve

New Horizons makes the map about 40 percent larger, however valve tightened The core of the moba game remains the same. the so-called arcade The objectives are the same distance from each other as before, but Valve has added new gameplay options around these well-known parts of the map.

For example, the Twin Gates have been added to the upper-left and lower-right corners of the map, allowing players to teleport from one side of the field to the other. The volume also contains new Lotus Pools for HP, Mana, and Tormentors in the bases creeps spawn, Monitors that can be activated to monitor that area temporarily, Cannon Portals that can only be used by the defending party, and Outposts that have been moved. All of these additions should give players new strategic options beyond the usual lanes and objectives.

The Dota 2 update also changes some important aspects in terms of gameplay. For example, neutral creeps get stronger during the game, making their nests harder to beat. In addition, players are rewarded less and less throughout the game for passing lane sneaks, so that at a certain stage they are more motivated to fight against other players.

Finally, Valve is implementing a new matching system and the developer is making various tweaks and modifications to items, characters, and skills. The main change within the latter category is the fact that “the duration of almost all deactivation skills has been reduced,” meaning players should be able to play more on average, according to Valve. full Patch notes can be found here.

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