Dodgers plans for Max Scherzer, employees of NLCS

Dodgers plans for Max Scherzer, employees of NLCS

Atlanta – The Dodgers’ plans to start Max Scherzer In the first game of the National League Championship series against the Braves on Saturday.

But when Scherzer came out of the visiting plaza in Oracle Park to shut it down First career save in Game 5 of NLDSThe Dodgers’ strategy for the upcoming series against the Braves just got more complicated.

On Friday, manager Dave Roberts said the team still did not have a key player in the first game. He added that a decision would not be made until he had talks with potential options – and that includes Scherzer.

How can Scherzer start Game 1?
This seems like a logical question given that Scherzer had been on the hill – and then shirtless during the ceremony – only a few hours before. However, Scherzer only threw 13 throws on Thursday, which is essentially a right-handed bulls session.

Roberts said the decision will ultimately come down to how Scherzer feels. If he says he’s ready to throw, the Dodgers will give him the ball. But they won’t unless they know Scherzer is physically good.

“He’s going to get out there and play catch and get therapy,” Roberts said. “If he says he’s good enough and feels he can make a start, it will be the start of our first game.”

How does this decision affect the rest of the shift?
If Scherzer starts Game 1, the Dodgers can go with the Bullpen on Sunday 2 or the tab Walker Buhler. Going with a Bullpen would help the Dodgers bring Buehler back to Game 3, giving him extra relief after throwing 71 shots in a three-day break in Game 4 of the NLDS. Julio Urreas It is expected that the bulk of the game will show 4.

If Scherzer doesn’t start Game 1, it’s likely Bullpen followed by Scherzer in Game 2. This will automatically bring Buehler back to Game 3 at Dodger Stadium while Urías is still set for Game 4.

What if Scherzer can’t go?
If Scherzer and the Dodgers decide it’s best for him to start Game 2, Los Angeles is gearing up to go with the Bullpen. The Dodgers can go with an opening, as they did in Game 5 Against the Giants. But it will be Tony Johnslin Who is expected to score the majority of roles.

Gonsolin hasn’t appeared in the NLDS and hasn’t been shown since September 30, but with the NLCS being a top-seven of the series, the right-handed would be responsible for filling in the void left by Clayton Kershaw, who would have been the fourth starter in the spin. In a best of five streak, the Dodgers were able to hold onto the top three starters. This wouldn’t be possible in the top seven, so they would need Gonsolin to progress.

Who could be a potential editorial?
Corey Nebel, who opened a 5 against the giants game, would be a viable option for the Dodgers. Knebel has been better against the left this season, capping them at 0.140 on average during the regular season, which will help Los Angeles have a better game against superstar Freddy Freeman.

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