Do you buy yesterday’s bread at a discount? | Join the conversation

Do you buy yesterday's bread at a discount?  |  Join the conversation

Old bread is on sale at a discount in forty stores. In a few weeks, Albert Heijn wants to introduce stale bread in all stores under the name “Yesterday’s Bread”.

Research by Wageningen University & Research (WUR) shows that relatively much of the bread is wasted. This happens both in the store and in the consumer’s home. Albert Heijn isn’t the only one offering stale bread at a discount. Fomar’s supermarket is asking 50 cents for half a loaf of bread from yesterday.

According to the Nutrition Center, bread keeps well in the kitchen cupboard for two to four days. To keep it fresh for as long as possible, it’s a good idea to store bread in an airtight baking bag. This bag can be stored again in a lockable lunch box.


Twitter users know what to do with stale bread. This is how someone freezes bread. Another makes toast with it.

Klaske Wijkstra offers more advice on Twitter about what to make with stale bread.

Twitterer Merie thinks bread shouldn’t just be looked at.

Less waste

Albert Hein has more initiatives to combat food waste. For example, they sell products that expire quickly at a 35 percent discount. There is a Waste-me-not bag in a few places. This bag is filled with vegetables and ripe fruits and can be bought for 1 euro.

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