Biden is increasing pressure on the United States not to be vaccinated

Biden is increasing pressure on the United States not to be vaccinated

Companies with one hundred or more employees should choose between vaccinations or the weekly corona test for employees.

Against the delta type

In a speech, Biden explained the rigorous approach of delta variation. He said these measures should encourage people to ‘block’ public health. He said he understood the “disappointment” of the 80 million Americans who had not been vaccinated, while reiterating that the shot was free and safe. He encouraged parents to vaccinate children 12 years of age and older.

Business activities are expected to affect about 80 million workers in the United States and more than 17 million in the healthcare sector.

Under the new policy, federal officials will soon be able to opt for routine corona tests instead of vaccines. This obligation applies not only to the approximately 4 million government employees, but also to the more than 17 million health workers. “You have to make sure you are safe when you come to them,” Biden said. Vaccination is as important as education, says Biden.

The fine was doubled

Biden will make sure that the Corona quick tests are available for the first three months of next week at a price. For example, those who do not wear a helmet on planes are fined twice as much. Biden stressed the importance of additional corona shot for vaccines, also known as booster shots, which should strengthen protection against the virus.

In the United States, 650,000 people have died from Govt-19 so far and the country crossed 40 million confirmed infections last week. Hospital admission is on the rise.

U.S. security forces already have to vaccinate against the corona virus. Some local U.S. governments have already introduced compulsory vaccines for teachers. This includes cities in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, and Washington State. Many companies have already made it mandatory for employees to be vaccinated.

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