February 3, 2023

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Do you accept a Ukrainian refugee?  † Join the Conversation

Do you accept a Ukrainian refugee? † Join the Conversation

Since Russia invaded Ukraine last week, many Ukrainians have fled. telegraph It reports that more than 450,000 people have fled to Poland. Every day about 100,000 people cross the border. Most Ukrainians remain in Poland. Some travel to other countries in Europe. Families in the Netherlands can make themselves available to receive and receive Ukrainian refugees.


Several organizations act as intermediaries to connect a Dutch family with a Ukrainian refugee. This is to prevent people from taking someone into their home without thinking. For example, you can register with the Dutch Council for Refugees, via their website you will be linked to Takecarebnb. There she fills out a form to contact refugee families who need shelter.

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Hoeep van Meerloo says: telegraph Why provides a room for refugees from Ukraine. “How nice it is for the men left behind in Ukraine to know that their loved ones are lovingly cared for here in the host families.” Huib is trying to encourage as many Dutch people as possible to open their homes to refugees from Ukraine.

Refugees at home

Robert Zall, director of Takecarebnb, told Haarlems Dagblad that families who make their homes available to refugees should realize what a refugee means at home. People often arrive frightened, angry and dumbfounded. Want to have those tough conversations? And practically speaking, if you’re used to taking a 7:30 shower every day and someone else is standing underneath, or your guest gets sick – how do you deal with that? Both the practical and the emotional component can be intense, especially if it takes longer.”

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Zilvera announced on Twitter that it will only accept family or friends.

Annie thinks someone should set an example.

In Lynn’s house, a pleasant conversation takes place.

Join the conversation

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