June 3, 2023

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Nintendo has videos about removing Switch emulation from Steam Deck – Gaming – News

I think it’s just a waste of time and money on Nintendo’s part to remove these types of movies.

1. Switch simulation has been a thing for years, something that has come a long way in the past few months. There are many current Switch simulator movies on Youtube, and even full plays.

2. Steam top is still a niche product, it’s not like you can order 1 right away and have it at home in a few days. If you order it now, you’ll get a steam set “somewhere in 2023”
It also doesn’t make sense for a Windows laptop with decent specs to emulate the Switch. The Ava Neo and all these other products can do this too, so why just remove videos from the Steam surface? It is as poorly available as the alternatives.

3. Of those lucky enough to get the Steam platform this year, most of this niche will keep the Steam deck as is, running Steam OS 3.0 / Proton. So we’re really not talking about the millions of steamy decks this year that will all have a Switch emulator.

4. People keep uploading videos..

Especially because of the latter, deleting videos doesn’t help anyway. Still downloading it. Instead, spend the money you spend removing those videos on something else. Metroid Prime 4 for example 🙂

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