Do not check that Corona passes a third of visits to restaurants and cafes

Do not check that Corona passes a third of visits to restaurants and cafes

Of all visits to the restaurant industry, cinemas, concert halls and other venues, more than a third (35 percent) have not checked for a Corona entry ticket. who appears from Research by I&O Research commissioned by NOS among a representative group of approximately 2,300 Dutch adults.

The differences are significant: Nearly everyone is required to produce a vaccination certificate, test certificate, or recovery certificate when visiting cinemas, theatres, concert halls, trade events, and stadiums. This pertains to 82 percent of visits or more.

In amateur sports canteens, examinations are usually not carried out (in 36 percent of cases). Restaurants and cafés – the most frequented places – are close to the overall average of 65 percent with 63 and 68 percent of checks, respectively.

“It doesn’t feel safe.”

When asked about the tangible experiences of visitors, it is notable that some complain that when the examination is conducted, it is often not conducted accurately and consistently. One says: “No ID requested.” Another says: “One time I wasn’t checked, the next time I wasn’t really checked. It was just a peek at the screen. I don’t care Safe Feeling.”

Robèr Willemsen, president of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, notes that most cases are going well. It also only hears positive voices from municipalities and boas. “But it’s clear that visitors experience it differently.”

Willemsen can imagine that catering entrepreneurs don’t check in in all cases. “If you’re not busy with your work and someone has to go to the toilet, I understand you won’t check.”

Transferring to sites where there are no checks

People are now accustomed to using Corona Corridor and users are mostly positive about it, says I&O researcher Peter Kanne. “But then in fact it has to be watertight. Otherwise they would experience it as a false sense of security.”

More than half (54 percent) of people without a “fixed” QR code (due to vaccination or recovery) say they no longer visit places at all at the moment. One in five (21 percent) go to sites they know aren’t being vetted. Just under 10 percent have tested themselves in advance and 2 percent say they use a QR code from someone else.

QR code is divisive

Outgoing Minister De Jong It was announced yesterday that the passage of Corona will remain necessary for a while. Research has shown repeatedly That the measure, introduced at the end of September, is largely divided in opinion in the Netherlands, especially those who have been vaccinated and unvaccinated.

When asked if people think it is right that you are only allowed to enter a restaurant or cafe after showing a Corona card, 69 percent of the first group said “yes”. While only 5 percent of unvaccinated people think so. When unvaccinated people were asked about reasons for not receiving the vaccine, 36 percent mentioned, among other things, “protesting the vaccination card.”

In addition, I&O Research notes a significant difference in income. Of people with lower incomes, 36 percent are giving up the Corona Corridor. For high incomes, this ratio is between 4 and 5 percent.

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