1 for 12 helps children’s home in Koroni after a cry for help

Stichting 1 voor 12 helpt kindertehuis in Coronie na noodkreet

Children’s home “De Toekomst” contacted the head of Stichting 1 voor 12, Louis Vismale, for help. The house is located in the Koroni area and is currently caring for 16 children. Because of the poor financial situation in Suriname, it is very difficult in the future to keep one’s head above water.

At 1 to 12, an appeal was filed regarding food and care. Vismale immediately responded to a call for help from home. On Tuesday October 13, 2021, he visited “De Toekomst” and with the help of a Coronie businessman, he delivered the ordered goods to Children’s Home 1 for 12 hours.

Joan Verwey-Creton, who is responsible for Verwey Children’s Home, is pleased to visit Vismale. She is grateful 1 to 12 for the help. Of the 16 children, 13 go to school. They each received a school bag with school supplies from the head of 1 voor 12.

Vismale calls on the authorities to provide the house with the necessary support. De Toekomst received the last food packets from the government in September 2020 via District Commissioner Michael Winter.

De Toekomst takes care of children who have been neglected or who are from single parent families. Children’s Home is not yet included in the file of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing (Suzavo). Verwey-Creton reports that the process for this has already begun.

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