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HTC will launch a new high-end smartphone in April. This was announced by the Taiwanese company’s CEO at the Mobile World Congress Fair, according to DigiTimes. The smartphone is said to have some “Metaverse-like” features.

journalists from DigiTimes They were able to speak with Charles Huang, HTC’s Asian market director. It confirmed HTC’s plans to launch a high-end phone once again, and stated that this device will be announced in April. The exact date is not mentioned. Huang noted that the smartphone will receive AR and VR applications and that HTC’s special version of the metaverse, Viveverse, will play an important role in the smartphone platform. According to Huang, HTC does not plan to leave the smartphone market, but VR and AR are becoming increasingly important to the company. It is currently not clear if the planned high-end smartphone will appear in Europe.

If HTC has already released a new high-end smartphone, it will be the first time since 2018. Then the company released the HTC U12 and U12 +. Outside Tweakers مراجعة Review This device turns out to have some innovative ideas, but it wasn’t a good buy. A little less than a year before HTC released the U12 and U12, Google took over 2000 employees From the Taiwanese company, which at that time had about half of four thousand employees, was its manufacturer for the development of smartphones.

HTC U12 +

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