Diablo Immortal will not appear in the Netherlands due to loot boxes: what about that? † Currently

Diablo Immortal will not appear in the Netherlands due to loot boxes: what about that?  † Currently

The DiabloThe series has been very popular among gamers since the 90s. That’s why a new installment in the series is often big news. appeared this week Immortal Diablo On smartphones and computers, but due to strict gambling legislation in the Netherlands and Belgium, the game did not appear here.

in Diablo Players roam around demonic dungeons and fight against dark creatures from the underworld. For this, they are rewarded with all kinds of magical weapons, armor and other pieces of equipment.

in everlasting Not only are these items earned through play, but you can also buy a loot chest full of random items.

Doesn’t that mean gambling? This is a question that has been around for a long time. After all, you pay money without knowing what you get in return. Your reward can be a valuable weapon or a useless ring.

child protection

Consumers Association begged Last week to take tougher action against digital parcels. Together with consumer organizations from other European countries, the association is calling on governments to set new rules for loot boxes.

Organizations mainly indicate how attractive digital packages are to children. The temptation may be greater for them to win something special in their game, otherwise they may not get along with their friends in the game.

According to research of 600 parents, a quarter of children who see loot boxes feel obligated to buy something.

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suit against FIFA

In any case, the Dutch Gaming Authority considers it gambling. The regulator has been fighting against digital surprise packages for some time. In 2019, the Games Authority imposed a penalty on EA, the manufacturer of football games FIFA

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in FIFA Players can randomly buy a set of soccer players, which they can then play with on their team. Of course everyone hopes to get Cristiano Ronaldo or Karim Benzema, but the best players are becoming very rare on purpose. According to the Games Authority, this was a game of chance for which EA does not have a license.

In March of this year, the State Council abolished the fine payment off the table. According to the decision, open parcels cannot be separated from packages FIFA As a whole, it is a game of skill. Also, football players cannot be traded easily. Therefore, the monetary value of such a player is debatable.

This does not mean that all loot boxes are now legal in all games. If the opening of packages could be viewed as a separate part, or if the contents were easy to circulate, a potential lawsuit might appear differently.

Customize Games

So loot boxes are not blocked at the moment. With that, some game publishers choose to step in. There are games that go beyond Holland and Belgium completely.

This happened before in missing coffinNow, Blizzard Activision has decided too Immortal Diablo Do not post here. While it’s not clear if stolen boxes break the law, the threat of lawsuits appears to be a deterrent.

Other publishers decided to adapt their games. In 2018, Valve banned the ability to buy loot boxes in games like counter strikefortniteManufacturer Epic says it has come to terms and stopped worldwide with the packages. In the popular shooter game, you don’t get random clothes or other items now, but you can always know exactly what you’re spending your money on.

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