Despite protests in the final, the Dutch relay team still faces the United States: ‘unacceptable’

Despite protests in the final, the Dutch relay team still faces the United States: 'unacceptable'

The 4x400m mixed relay team faces the United States in the final on Saturday afternoon (2.35pm), which was disqualified on Friday. Other countries, as the Americans rightly stated their opposition to that exemption Another fight was filed. Still without results. “We don’t accept that,” technical director Ad Roscomb said in a statement from the Athletes Association.

Roscom, along with other fellow finalists, opposed the reversal of the US disqualification. “This decision has not been (adequately) proven by the arbitral tribunal,” he says. The Netherlands team qualified for the final on Friday with a solid and solid Dutch record along with Joachim Dober, Like Clover, Lisen de Vitte and Ramsay Angela. The removal of the United States increased the chances for the medal. Pictures clearly show that their 2nd runner went out of the box in the replacement box.

The end result will not be final
However, according to the Americans, he was mistakenly placed there by a member of the Race administration. However, Roscomy told the Telegraph that the reverse was ‘not in accordance with the rules’ for that reason. He said the final decision of the arbitral tribunal would often be clear after the match and therefore the final decision would not be final yet. But just hours after the race, Roscom announced it The result is final, so there will be no medal for the Netherlands.

Like Femke
The always-discussed plan is that the expression of the barrier in the 4×400 meter mix will not work as well as Femke. It has now been reported that he will start as the 3rd runner. Full team: Limarv Bonnevacia, Like Clover, Paul and Ramsay Angela.

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