Deputy Rosa Romero: “Don’t get spoiled, William (Soriano) … Didn’t they teach you values ​​at home?”


When former Vice President Ana Wilma de Escobar appeared before the Special Commission to Investigate Bonuses, there were several moments of tension that marked the investigation.

In one of them, ARENA party deputy Rosa Maria Romero invited her new official colleague William Soriano to order.

“Don’t get spoiled, William (Soriano) … Didn’t they teach you customs and values ​​at home?” Deputy Romero insulted her colleague in the legislature for the first time, while former vice president Ana Bonus appeared before the Commission of Inquiry with Wilma de Escobar.

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Soriano’s wife works at Probiot, which is why she has access to documents, but they do not share them with delegates who are not in the ruling party, Deputy Romero revealed.

The document is a report from the Supreme Court’s probation division, which rejected the former vice president as “preliminary” and was completely refined and passed by the Supreme Court, meaning the charges were clarified and dismissed and she was acquitted by the Supreme Court.

The former vice president said they were interested in handling the documents because they had dissolved certain information and declared that there was no room for investigation into specific illegal enrichment.

Pro-government representatives insisted that de Escobar read a document without signatures or stamps in which she allegedly received $ 10,000, which she did not officially dismiss because it was a self-form – dismissal. “If you want to read it yourself,” he told Congressman Walter Cotto, but the commission’s chairman finished reading it.

De Escobar categorically denied receiving bonuses, but despite her blunt responses, ruling party representatives continued to denounce her as “who is lying?”, “President Sakka or you”.

Before retiring, de Escobar recommended to commission representatives, “Keep your documents because you need them …”. Because they have been recommended to them before, in their experience, it is important to have documentation before possible lawsuits that they have to face for their actions.

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