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This July 28, after Spanish government announces temporary closure for travelers from Colombia, In துாதரகம் The European country in Bogot பெற்றது received about 800 inquiries from persons who had to travel ‘due to force major’, reviewing each one and studying for their possible recognition.

And many more Colombians Their itinerary was ready SpainAfter last June 13, the country announced the opening with a pre-presentation for travelers Vaccination certificate, Detection, or recovery.

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But this week The Ministry of the Interior of Spain Announced a temporary closure until July 27 for passengers arriving from Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia and Namibia, For tourism or short-term courses.

The measure will be in effect for an initial period of fourteen calendar days (until August 10) and may be extended if conditions permitting it are maintained.

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Spanish ambassadors EL TIEMPO have consulted that these restrictions have been determined only for health reasons due to the crisis caused by Covit-19, and they regret this decision and insist that these measures are fundamentally applicable to short-haul tourists or business travelers. Also in the case of students, those who go to courses of less than three months.

The Spanish government has also imposed new entry conditions for travelers from these places, who must undergo compulsory isolation within ten days of their arrival in Spain, which can be reduced to 7 days by PCR or antigen testing.

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These are the eight exceptions

Announced the presence of the Spanish Embassy in Colombia Eight exceptions to international passenger entry To Spain by plane or boat. Exceptions are:

For Spanish citizens, properly documented with a valid passport or secure conduct.

Foreign spouse of a Spanish citizen, to meet or travel with that person (family book, marriage registration certificate in Spanish civil register or must be proved by a Colombian marriage certificate).

Domestic partner of a Spanish citizen, person accompanying you or traveling to meet that person (you must prove this position in the Spanish Public Register or by a certificate in the Colombian Notary Post).

Direct descendants of a Spanish citizen under the age of 21, their foreign spouse or their public-legal partner (with Spanish civil registration).

Foreign nationals residing in Spain and other countries of the European Union (with a valid residence card).

Holders of long-term visas issued by Spain or another member of the European Union.

Maritime and aviation personnel.

Members of diplomatic, embassy, ​​international organizations, military, civil defense and humanitarian organizations in carrying out their activities.

The embassy, ​​aware that there may be compelling reasons for many people to make their travels, said the parties interested in prosecuting the case must prove with documentation the reasons for the “compulsion, necessity or humanity.” [email protected]. From this email address, the Ministry of the Interior will be consulted and will respond in a timely manner. “

They remember it: “The circumstances mentioned are necessary Authorize yourself with the Immigration Officer This officer is the one who makes the final decision regarding the entry of the passenger to Spain to implement the entry control at the destination airport. In any of the cases mentioned above, it is a good idea to check with the airline in advance to avoid problems while boarding the flight.

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