David Blough of the Cardinals will be the 64th NFL starting QB in 2022

David Blough of the Cardinals will be the 64th NFL starting QB in 2022

Tempe, Arizona. – In another twist of the week, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback David Plouffe He will start on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons instead of Colt McCoycoach Cliff Kingsbury said on Friday.

The decision to sit McCoy out of “an abundance of caution” came after McCoy experienced additional concussion symptoms following Thursday’s practice.

Blow and the Las Vegas Raiders’ Jarrett Stidham They would become the 63rd and 64th starting quarterbacks in an NFL game this season, tying a non-strikeout record set in 2007. The only other NFL season with more starting quarterbacks was 1987, when there were 87 different starters.

Only 11 of the 32 NFL teams have had a starting quarterback this season. On the other end of the spectrum, the Cardinals on Sunday will tie the Los Angeles Rams as the best QBs this season with four.

Blow, who was signed on Dec. 14, found out Friday morning that he’s going to get the ball rolling in Atlanta Maxorley Trackingwho started Sunday night’s loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Kingsbury said he would give him a chance to evaluate Bluff before choosing between McSorley and Blue in the season finale against the San Francisco 49ers.

Blue said that hearing he was going to start “was probably shocking”. He will make his first start since 2019, when he went 0-5 with the Detroit Lions, and has not thrown a pass in a game since 2020.

“You never know how many chances you get in this league, and to be able to stand here after getting here a few weeks ago, I’m excited to throw those chances away and give these guys everything I got,” said Blue.

When asked how McSorley took the news, Kingsbury said, “He’s a competitor.”

Plouffe said the joint passing coordinator and quarterbacks coach Cam Turner and Kingsbury are working with him to teach him the offense and he feels “comfortable” going into Sunday’s game.

“He did a really good job that week,” Kingsbury said. “So, we’re going to make sure we design the script for things he feels good about, let him go and try to play fast and execute at a high level.”

Blough, who is from Carrollton, Texas, said he grew up watching Texas Tech run the Air Raid offense but never had the opportunity to play in it.

“As a backup in this league, you have to prepare yourself like you’re going to play and then go and do your job,” Plouffe said. “At every stop along the way, I more or less believe that an opportunity like this has come and you have to prove that you are prepared and can handle these situations.”

However, Blough may be without one of the Cardinals’ big targets on Sunday. wide future DeAndre Hopkins Exercising left before the open ended with what Kingsbury called “a little knee problem”.

Arizona is expected to make a decision on Saturday whether Hopkins will play against the Falcons.

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