Danielle was scammed out of €63,000 by master scammer Vincent Dealing with Scammers

Danielle was scammed out of €63,000 by master scammer Vincent Dealing with Scammers

When Danielle is involved in a divorce, Vincent comes into her life. “He seemed like a good guy and had great suggestions for increasing my assets; I believed him.” Despite these promises, Vincent soon gambles away the €63,000 she transferred to him. Danielle lost all of her capital because of Vincent, and she could no longer pay for the rent on her property. All this while having to provide shelter for her three children.

However, Vincent doesn’t care much: “They only live with Dad, what’s the problem?” Danielle is angry with him. “He is a narcissist, a pathological liar, and I believe he believes his own lies.”

Daniëlle decides to warn other potential victims about Vincent by logging into his Microsoft account. In the account, she sees an email from Ivan’s mother, a Ukrainian refugee, who wants to rent a house in the Netherlands. Danielle soon sends her an email from her private account. Unfortunately, the warning comes too late; The deposit has already been paid.

16-year-old Ivan fled Ukraine to the Netherlands at the time. His parents pooled all their savings to provide him with a safe home in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the owner turns out to be Vincent. After thousands of euros disappear, the scammer disconnects.

When Vincent confronted Kiss, he immediately confessed to his actions. He promised to repay the victims, despite Vincent claiming he didn’t owe Danielle anything. Kiss couldn’t believe his ears. “Why did you do that? These are weak people!” Vincent gives the reason why he “needs the money.” Kiss wonders aloud if psychological problems are the reason behind his scams. According to Vincent, this is not the case. “That actually makes it worse.”

Vincent didn’t stop, and then Kes spoke to him again. In it, the conman has the courage to say he’s disappointed the police didn’t contact him more often, because he couldn’t tell his side of the story. He also says he will be his own attorney during the upcoming lawsuits and has promised to “repay double” the money. According to Case, it sounds like “paranoid behavior.”

So it seems that victims are able to whistle to get their money. In the video below, Kiss explains whether the police actually grabbed Vincent by the collar.

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