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ASML sold 46 percent of all its chip production machines to customers in China in the third quarter of this year. In the same period last year, this percentage remained 15 percent. According to ASML, demand from other customers has decreased, resulting in relatively higher sales to Chinese customers.

He concludes that in the past quarter, more than three times as many chip machines were sold to Chinese customers than a year ago number Based on the latest Quarterly figures From ASML. In the second quarter of this year, sales of these machines to Chinese customers remained 24 percent. According to the company, several major customers, including Samsung and Intel, have ordered fewer devices, leaving more equipment available for parties in China.

ASML confirms that sales to Chinese customers are permitted under export restrictions imposed earlier this year. The sale of chip machines to parties in China has recently become increasingly limited due to geopolitical tensions between the country and the United States. Until the end of this year, ASML may continue to supply DuV chip machines to Chinese parties without applying subsequent licensing requirements. The company says the restrictions will have no financial impact.

Last quarter, the Dutch company generated nearly 6.7 billion euros from the sale of chip production equipment. This is slightly higher than in the same quarter last year. Net profit also rose slightly to 1.9 billion euros.

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