Daily record of more than 1 million corona infections in the United States

Daily record of more than 1 million corona infections in the United States

This is the highest number of infections in a country that has been reported worldwide since the onset of the corona epidemic.

The daily record is double

In addition, it is almost twice the previous daily record (590,000) set four days ago, in the US. The highest number of corona infections per day outside the United States was reported in India on May 7, 2021. More than 414,000 people tested positive that day.

The actual number of infections in the United States is even higher. Many Americans use self-tests, which means that their test results are not always reported to the authorities.

Schools and offices were closed

Like many other countries, the highly contagious Omigran variant of the corona virus is spreading rapidly across the United States. It has confirmed in advance that many flights to and from the United States have been canceled. In addition, many schools and offices have been closed, and the pressure on health is increasing.

This is not very fast in the US with jabs. For example, in states where many Republicans live, there are large groups of Americans who do not want to be vaccinated. And even in states where vaccination rates are high, vaccination of children may not be as regular.

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