Cyclist Bok Monin has been suffering from stomach pain for months, but stress doesn’t seem to be the cause: ‘I was empty and tired’ | Displays

Cyclist Bok Monin has been suffering from stomach pain for months, but stress doesn't seem to be the cause: 'I was empty and tired' |  Displays

Cyclist and influencer Bok Munen (27 years old) has been suffering from stomach pain for months and will have to see a specialist doctor for an examination soon. Last week’s hobby race was the straw that broke the camel’s back: she experienced increasing pain and withdrew from school prematurely. “I was empty and tired and couldn’t eat.”

Monin was not feeling well when she started the race between Zurich and Zermatt in Switzerland on Saturday. It is a 280-kilometre race, where, according to the organization, riders must climb a distance of 6 kilometres. She wrote on Instagram that the player had been suffering intermittently from abdominal pain in recent months.

She had checked herself earlier and nothing unusual had been found, so she assumed it was due to stress. “They found something that looked like a viral infection,” Monnin said the morning before the race, her doctor called her. However, I decided to participate in the race, which started at 1 am. Didn’t sleep beforehand. The first three hours went fine, then she started experiencing more and more pain.

Fade into the truck

Monin continued for another two hours, while things got “worse and worse.” She struggled up the Glaubenberg Pass, having to descend after nearly 5 hours, 100km and 2.4km of climbing. “I was empty, tired, couldn’t eat, and at one point fell into the back of the truck heading to Zermatt,” she wrote. Later that day, she became ill again, and it was only on Wednesday that she regained her appetite for the first time and was able to work out for a while at the gym.

Next week, Monin will see a specialist, which is something she is very nervous about. She seems to be afraid of HPV. She warns her followers not to get tested for it. HPV, the human papillomavirus, is contagious and very common: almost everyone gets it at some point in their life. You get it through sexual acts.

You often don’t notice the infection and your body usually gets rid of it within one to two years. Sometimes cancer develops, for example in the cervix. Every year, it is estimated that more than 1,100 women and about 400 men in the Netherlands develop cancer due to HPV, according to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

Monin recently made news when she said she was having a hard time because of a stalker. She found support from her new boyfriend, former British racing driver Callan O’Keefe.

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