Curaçao justice stops trial of lottery king in Helmen Welles murder

Curaçao justice stops trial of lottery king in Helmen Welles murder

Curaçao’s Lottery King, Ruby dos Santos, is no longer on trial for his possible role in the murder of Helmen Fels. The politician was murdered in 2013 on Mary Bampoon Beach, southeast of Willemstad. Dos Santos was identified as a suspect at one point. His house was searched and he is also in prison for a few days sitting.

But justice on the island decided after an investigation not to initiate further criminal proceedings. The prosecution considers that there is no legal and convincing evidence pointing to the criminal involvement of dos Santos in the Maximus case, which concerns the owners of the murder.

Ruby dos Santos was suspected of ordering his half-brother Jorge Gamal El Din to kill Fels. Jamal El-Din, former finance minister in the government of Gerrit Schott. was convicted He was imprisoned for 30 years.

many witnesses

Jamal al-Din and dos Santos were named by a large number of witnesses in the case against Borne “Nini” Fonseca, the man who formed the link between those responsible for the murder and its perpetrators. In the Fonseca case, prosecutors were left open as to whether dos Santos was a financier or an agent of the Phils liquidation.

Fonseca was eventually sentenced to 26 years in prison for his role in the Maximus case. Elvis Coas has previously been sentenced to life imprisonment as a gunman. He found his partners, Martinez and Fiorentina the deathbefore they are tried.

With the decision not to prosecute dos Santos, there are now no longer suspects on the prosecutor’s list in the Fels murder case.

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