Criticism of the lack of winning women in Calvis: ‘The organization should be deeply ashamed’ | Instagram

Criticism of the lack of winning women in Calvis: 'The organization should be deeply ashamed' |  Instagram

This year, for the first time, there are no longer categories with separate awards for men and women during the 41st Golden Calf Gala. The decision made in August of this year announced, drew a lot of criticism and was the reason for Yorik van Wageningen to cancel his membership in the Academy. It was he who won a gender-neutral award.

The fact that last night, for the first time in the history of golden calves in the top categories, no woman had ever come home with the statue, now caused some frustration. Including actress Katia Herbers known from men’s hearts American drama series AmericansShe expressed her dissatisfaction on Twitter. “Caves are gender-neutral and by the way, not a single female or gender-neutral actor has ever won an acting award,” she wrote last night.

Comedian Jura Rinestra also noted that no women have won the coveted award. And while distinction is no longer the intent when delivering the Golden Calves, Rienstra concludes that there are many more men getting lead roles in major films. This, she says, is where the shoe pinches. That is why you can now see very clearly that they have the upper hand in the distribution of neutral rates.

Rienstra described it as “too sad for words what is happening here now”. She explained that it does not harm men. “But the organization should be ashamed of itself.”

The famous actress, Maryam Hassouni Meskin employment Donia and DaisyComment on the result. She was short but sweet in her Instagram Stories: “This gender neutrality suits men really well.” AD writer and columnist Saskia Norte has made herself heard. Her satirical message was a “gender neutral cry.”

You can read who ran away with the golden calf Here.

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