Wim Sonneveld village regained first place Evergreen Top 1000

Wim Sonneveld village regained first place Evergreen Top 1000

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the village By Wim Sonneveld is again No. 1 this year in Evergreen Top 1000 5. Over the past two years, listeners have elected Roller coaster From Dani Vera to the leader of the list, but this number is now in second place.

The Evergreen Top 1000 Existing since 2008 and the village It is by far the most successful song on that list. The song sung by Sonneveld, who died in 1974, once in a while, took the number one spot for the 10th time this year. It’s been number two for the past two years.

The differences with last year are small in the top 5 of the list. In 3 like previous years du by Peter Maffei. evening By Boudewijn de Groot back on 4th and California hotel The Eagles went up from 6 to 5.

Also on TV

The NPO has now announced its top 5, and the full list will follow on Monday, November 7.

The Evergreen Top 1000 It can be heard from Monday 14 November to Friday 18 November, every day from 06:00 to 20:00 on NPO 5 Radio and can also be viewed via NPO 1 Additional.

That week, every afternoon at NPO 1 there is also interest in the music list of the TV show evergreen With DJ Henkjan Smits.

For those who don’t want to wait until November 18th:

text the village It is written on a tune La Montagne by Jean Ferrat. Sonneveld’s partner Friso Wiegersma wrote the text. The inspiration was the rapid changes in his home village of Durn.

The song was released as a single several times, but without much success. In 1974, immediately after the death of Wim Sonneveld, she entered the Top 40. She was on the list for five weeks with the 27th highest rating.

However, over the years it has grown into one of the most popular Dutch songs. The song is among the Top 100 of every year in the Top 2000. The song has been covered by Rob de Nijs, Frans Bauer, André van Duin, and Vliegende Panters, among others.

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